Stainless Steel Bollard

A bollard is a short, vertical post that deter vehicle intrusions, guide traffic, and protects people and structures. Stainless steel is also used to create bollards to give them a functional, sleek and contemporary look. At TSS, we strive to provide the best stainless steel bollards to suit both of your technical and aesthetic needs.



There are mostly two grades of stainless steel that are commonly used to manufacture bollards. The 304 grade is the most frequently used type of stainless steel in the industry. It has both industrial and architectural applications. They are used in typical dry inland areas. The 316 stainless steel is more durable and resistant to corrosion, so it is also more expensive than other grades. It is used in coastal regions specifically. Before installing the bollard, their function and the surface type should be considered on which they will be placed. To create a successful traffic management plan, selection of a correct bollard for the proper application is required. Due to the heaviness of the steel pipes, precautions need to be taken ahead of the time of installation so that injury to the workers and damage to the product can be prevented. An installation will require breaching the surface of the substrates. Before any core drilling, it should be ensured that no underground utility lines and pipes should be damaged. A level is used to ensure the steel pipe bollard remains plumb. The concrete must be allowed to cure for at least two to three days before any other work on the bollard, and it should be installed to a depth that reaches the sites frost line.


  • Even in high- saline environments, they require minimal maintenance.
  • Even in high- saline environments, they require minimal maintenance.
  • They offer a high level of weather resistance.
  • They can also be used in moist climate or places where de-icing chemicals are used.
  • They are durable, resistant to corrosion and Hassel free.


They can be used in hospitality industry, retail showrooms, corporate offices, landscapes, public services, parks and parking lots. Also, they are useful for commercial and residential purposes, but the wrong kind of steel can form early damages. To avoid such instances, a company with good experience and knowledge on such materials and their installation is required to be contacted. In this regard, TSS Security will cater to your requirements better than anyone else.


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