Lighting Bollards

Whether you want to create a pleasant atmosphere around your property to catch the visitors attention or want to provide better protection against ramming attacks in the dark, the lighting bollard is your answer. They are just bollards or vertical posts with lights installed in them, but their utility surpasses that of an ordinary bollard. Combining optimised quality lighting, an appealing ambience that too at minimal cost TSS Security provides a varied range of options for lighting bollards.



Lighting bollards are a type of fixture used for architectural outdoor lighting. It typically gives off light from the sides or the top and comprises of Shor; upright ground mounted units. For smaller streets and park paths where large-scale illumination is unnecessary, a ground level pathway lighting is offered with the help of a series of bollards. As the bollards are continuously exposed to the elements of nature, many use borosilicate lens, which keeps the weather out without obscuring the lamp itself. For areas that require large-scale illumination, typically an HID lamp such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide is used. To cut- off the excess glare, a special reflector is used to direct the light down onto the surrounding ground. It grants clear illumination without blinding pedestrian and motorists thus also reducing the city’s light pollution to some extent. Unlike the traditional bollards, the newer ones use LED and CFL light kits. They have become more popular due to better lifespan and energy costs.


  • Lighted bollard protects both driver and pedestrians during the night.
  • Lighted bollard protects both driver and pedestrians during the night.
  • Low lighted areas can be illuminated according to the requirements with the lighted bollards.
  • Solar lighted bollards are cost-effective and use less energy.
  • They can be used to illuminate and decorate paths and walkways.
  • It is always used in creating beautiful landscapes.


They are used to provide adequate lighting to steps and walkways. Illuminated traffic bollards are used to supplement street lighting and street signs and also provide a visual cue to the oncoming drivers. Without proper maintenance and inferior quality products, the lighting bollards can easily be damaged. So for affordable and long-lasting lighting solutions whether for landscaping needs or traffic manipulation, TSS Security is the best option.


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