Industrial Bollard

The industrial bollards are short, sturdy vertical posts that are used to control road traffic. There are mainly two kinds of bollards:- The non- crash resistant bollards and the crash- and attack- resistant bollards. Depending upon the security-related protocols of the customers, TSS Security is efficient in fulfilling such demands with a wide range of solutions.



There is a standard procedure to set bollards for any size or purpose. First, the location is decided along with the amount of the ongoing traffic. The probable impact determines the size and the resistance power of the Bollard. A hole is dug using a post hole digger. The diameter of the Bollard should be the diameter of the hole plus 6 inches end should be between 18-24 inches deep. Then the concrete is mixed following the requisites while an extra 1/2 gallon of water is also added to the mixture to make it slightly wetter. It will help the concrete flow better and fully pack the post hole. The concrete Bollard is inserted into the hole, and a level is used to hold it plumb. The concrete mix is shoveled into the hole opening around the perimeter of the Bollard. The bollard’s side is gently tapped, and the top surface of the concrete mix is left approximately 2 inches below the finished terrain. The mix should be left to cure for a maximum of 48 hours.


  • They are used to prevent car ramming attacks and ram-raiding.
  • They are used to prevent car ramming attacks and ram-raiding.
  • They are cost effective in lane systems
  • They provide security by allowing the accommodation of limited traffic.
  • They can also be used as artwork for aesthetic appeal.


They are used in numerous places depending upon the legalities and construction limits of that state. It is installed in places like playgrounds, roadways, fire access lanes, building setbacks, sports fields, Malls, Traffic gates, pathways, certain utilities, Toll Booth etc.
It is imperative to install the right kind and material of bollards at the right place so that they can effectively serve their purpose with less damage and repair chances. For this, an appropriate company is the TSS Security which understands the need of security and traffic control by providing with the best solutions. So for bollards installation, it will give you a satisfying deal which will be a value for your money and time.


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