Plastic Bollard

Bollards act as a protective barrier or a boundary marker. Plastic can be used to create economic bollards, and it’s covered. Bollard and its cover can be crafted from a wide range of plastics. TSS Security provides a variety of durable and affordable collection of plastic bollards.



They are mostly used as flexible bollards. They are designed to bend when struck by vehicles. They are made up of synthetic plastic or rubber. It is stiff on its own but becomes pliable under the weight of a truck or a car. When they are struck, due to their flexibility they tend to bend 90° to the ground. It helps to avoid damage to the surrounding surfaces and vehicles. After the impact, it returns to their original, upright position. For making the flexible or bendable bollards. Composite polyurethane materials are used that is highly resistant to the elements. The most commonly used compound is polyethene. It provides the best UV resistance, withstands cracking and also maintain color, one of the newest developments in the Bollard covers. They are used by many communities and industries as a cost-effective way to refresh old and worn out looking bollards and increase safety. Hence, eliminating the need to replace the original bollard completely. They come in various shapes and styles, typically made of sturdy recycled plastics and are resistant to several wear and tear.


  • They may not provide physical protection from the vehicles, but they do offer clear visual guidelines for the drivers.
  • They may not provide physical protection from the vehicles, but they do offer clear visual guidelines for the drivers.
  • They come in a variety of colors and increase the safety on streetscapes.
  • The mixture of polymers provides durability and UV resistance.
  • They can be casted into any shape and are also shatterproof.
  • They are relatively low maintenance seeking and are easily replaceable than bollards of other materials.


They are used in parking lots and areas with both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Cheap quality plastic bollards can decrease its functionality, so it’s better to get the products from a reputed dealer like the TSS Security. We will ensure that only the premium quality reaches your hand so that the bollard utility can extend up to a more extended period.


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