Swing Gate

Whether you need an automated access control as a matter of critical security importance or for simple convince, TSS Security has some solutionsfor all kind. Amongst our wide range of modular track and gate collections, Swing Gateisanother popular category. Here are few details that will help you understanding the product better;


Constructional details:
Constructional details:Swing Gates are more or less similar to normal doors. Construction wise speaking, they are hinged to one side and open just like normal doors (making an arc of 90 degrees between the closing and opening section). This type of gate comes in two fashion; single leaf and double leafs. Depending upon your need, it can swing inside or outside.


  • They are very easy to install.
  • Cheaper as compared to another type of automated gates
  • No frictional blockage issues
  • Widthwise, they don’t need more space to glide through.
  • Just a reasonable pair of hinges and the gate is all ready to be used.
  • Gate operators can be fitted without any much hassle.
  • For the gate operators to be installed, the presence of main power is not mandatory as low voltage gate operators can be useful.

They find their usage mostly in Residential applications. If you do not have enough space for a sliding gate and want to integrate a low budget automated gate system, go for a Swing Gate. It will serve your purpose well.
However, it is essential to have enough space lengthwise during its movement. Also, additional security measurements should be taken so that neither any vehicle nor any person will be hit by the gate during the auto mechanism. The opening and closing speed of the gates also do matters. As Swing gates are mostly used for residential purpose, slow speed is often ideal.
Therefore, it is imperative that you must buy automated swing gates from a reputed company like TSS Security. We offer Swing gates of your required measurement. Gates are promised to last long and will deliver hassle-free service against your security needs.


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