Cantilever Gate

Cantilever gates can be used at your home or inside your factory to provide an automated passage. They can be integrated at your place or can provide a complete turnkey solution. Interested to know more about its usefulness?Read the description;


Constructional details:
Constructional detailsTo secure home from unwanted guests, automated gates are useful. Moreover, these gates can automate themselves during the entrance and exit of vehicles. The touch of automatism eliminates the need of employing a person for the same purpose.Though Cantilever gates hold a similar line of design with sliding gates still, there are some differences. Instead of rolling on the ground like roller gates they run inside a fence structure supported through rails. As it hangs over, it is called as a cantilever. The section along the fence structure is wide and is called “Counterbalance”. Roughly, it is half of the gate opening itself. The gates are suspended from the counterbalance but are not touching the ground via any rollers. Thus, there is no frictional blockage and are more efficient as well as reliable than sliding gates.


  • Very easy to automate
  • No frictional blockage as no part comes in touch with ground
  • Hassle-free installation system
  • No lateral space required

If you need a larger opening, cantilever gates are preferable than roller gates. Their built-in counterbalance helps them to stretch more. Thus, they require more room than other gates. Most common application areas are big industries involving heavy duty works and industrial gate application. If you are opting for Cantilever Gates, make sure there is enough space surrounding the gate. However, they should be designed specifically to provide long duty years. In this regard, TSS Securityis your one-stop shopping destination for Cantilever gates. We are one of the leading manufacturer as well as supplier of automated gates in Chennai as well as other parts of the country. Let’s know about your requirements against Cantilever Gates, and we will get back to you with specific options with reasonable price quotation as soon as possible.


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