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Automatic gates are in high demand nowadays. Amongst all available, Sliding Gates are the popular ones. At TSS Security, we take pride to introduce ourselves as one of the prominent sliding gate dealers of Chennai. We understand first time buyers have many doubts. If you are one of them, get yourself through the details provided below, as it will provide you with enough knowledge supplement on Sliding Gates.


Constructional details:
Constructional details:These type of gates are the most common ones. They are used mostly in light-duty commercial applications. It glides horizontally backwards and forwards inside the fence. The support on the rails comes from the wheels attached below, and they run on a metal track which has been grounded across the passage. A little bit of problem comes if your area is in a cold region. As in northern countries, the snowfall obstructs the hassle-free movement of the slider due to friction; it is of rare use there. But, in a country like India, it is equally popular as Cantilever, Swing and Track Gates.


  • These gates can be closed and put into a lock in a fix position.
  • Once they are locked, it is nearly impossible to force open. Thus they are highly reliable.
  • They are more immune to wind turbulence than another type of gates.
  • Irrespective of the driveway, one sliding gate (made with appropriate measurements) is enough to serve the purpose.

If the driveway distance is more, then go for Sliding Gates. Also, from a security point of view, they are robust. They are often used with pedestrian barriers coupled with an interface post. Interestingly, they can also be used as a stand-alone gate. Thus, Sliding gates are ideal for providing passage to light vehicles. But it is highly imperative that you must buy these from reputed sliding gate manufacturers. In this regard, TSS Security provides a complete line of automated sliding gate solutions towards industrial, commercial and personal security system. We can provide you Sliding Gates of all measures that will best fit your needs.


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