High Speed Door

The door systems, mainly used in the industrial applications are the High- Speed doors. There is a thin line of constructional difference between different types of doors such as PVC fabric doors, roller shutters, sectional doors and High- Speed doors. The hard-wearing construction provides a higher operating speed. They readily sustain a higher number of cycles (closing and opening cycles) and hence require lower repair cost and maintenance. Depending on the intended field of application, vertical or horizontal operating door types are available at a very reasonable price in TSS security.



During construction, high strains, caused by the speed of high operation (up to 4m/s) as well as the frequency of opening need to be taken into account. Basic conditions like installation location and size add up considerably towards the requirements on control and safety. The element that separates a conventional roller door from a High- Speed door is nothing but a unique ‘roll-up” system. The main purpose is to produce a guiding system that allows smooth operation with minimal friction and a high opening speed. A part of the door’s construction is the counterbalance system. It is designed with a weight or spring mechanism inside frames to ensure an emergency opening function and to aid in the opening speed.


  • Intelligent airlock can be easily achieved using high-speed doors.
  • Intelligent airlock can be easily achieved using high-speed doors.
  • It helps in providing adequate protection for strict environmental constraints of pharmaceutical and food processing companies.
  • They are important for the logistics processes of car manufacturing industry.
  • It increases efficiency by minimizing the waiting time, control pressure and temperature differences and also protection from airborne contamination.


These doors are used for specific requirements or the places where huge traffic occur. Food and beverages industry, chemical Factories, Supermarket Sectors, Hangar Zone of airports and military departments are few application areas for this high-speed doors.
If not constructed properly then excessive high speed of closing and opening can damage the goods, workers and even fail to accomplish its purpose of insulation. So, it is important to purchase quality products to deduct the expense of repairs and damage in the future. In this regard, you can count on none other than TSS Security who always manufactures products aimed towards customer satisfaction and convenience.


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