Dock Shelter

To seal the perimeters of the trailer enclosures Dock shelters are used. They form a seal by applying pressure against the side of the trailer whose industrial fabric curtains are filled with fiberglass stays. A curtain is created at the top of the seal which is designed to reach down to the trailer. They protect your assets from the elements while providing an unhindered facility for transportation.



The header curtain provided at the top of the seal may be simply constructed of fabric or just weighted. Depending on the model it may be required pull- rope adjustments or maybe self-adjusting. The side curtains sometimes have the features to seal around trailer door hinge gaps. They are placed on the exterior of the door’s openings between the lorry and the clock Bay while the unloading and the loading of materials take place. The flexible structures are designed to withstand compression and damaging force when a track backs up to the wall. They help in maintaining the temperature in the climate-controlled facilities.
In addition to a variety of add-ons and options, there are several kinds of frames offered through TSS.


  • They are the best energy saving solutions.
  • They are the best energy saving solutions.
  • There are different ranges of dock shelters available to suit different types of vehicles.
  • It reduces the draught in the building and improves work conditions.
  • Side sealing arrangement at the bottom part of both sides of the vehicle is provided to prevent the entry of dust or foreign particles.
  • Pantographs are linked with galvanized frames of aluminum so that the structure can retract in case there is an incorrect alignment of the vehicles.

Dock shelters are used to provide sheltered material handling especially in the logistic area of any industry. It protects the valuable assets usually prone to insects, rainfall and dust. TSS delivers top of the class range of dock shelters that forms an effective seal between the building, truck and trailer. It is most suitable where a tight seal is needed at sites, and TSS certainly guarantees to accommodate the requirements of all its customers.


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