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Whether you want to create a pleasant atmosphere around your property to catch the visitors attention or want to provide better protection against ramming attacks in the dark, the lighting bollard is your answer. They are just bollards or vertical posts with lights installed in them, but their utility surpasses that of an ordinary bollard. Combining optimised quality lighting, an appealing ambience that too at minimal cost TSS Security provides a varied range of options for lighting bollards.

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Boom Barriers are utilized to control the movement of vehicles going in and out of places like residential buildings, business parks, shopping malls etc. An increasing number of buildings and footfalls in these types of structures require Boom Barriers. They are also known as Boom Gates. It is a pole, or a bar pivoted to allow the boom to halt the vehicles through a controlled point.

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Automatic gates are in high demand nowadays. Amongst all available, Sliding Gates are the popular ones. At TSS Security, we take pride to introduce ourselves as one of the prominent sliding gate dealers of Chennai. We understand first time buyers have many doubts. If you are one of them, get yourself through the details provided below, as it will provide you with enough knowledge supplement on Sliding Gates.

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